In all my work I am combining completely new sacred alphabets and original images
as well as traditional glyphs and symbols from ancient sources to create new and powerful sacred objects.


The sacred vessels utilize original images as well as integrating symbols from a variety of ancient traditions.
A majority of the stamps used in my work are based on my own created symbols  and sets of glyphs and alphabets.


Spell pots are more ‘practical’ in that each one is specifically created, as a concept, to represent some active energy or spiritual movement.
‘Spell pots’ have been found in ancient Sumeria, China, India, Mexico, Greece, Egypt and many other root cultures.


TABLETS : Flat hanging ‘texts’ of original forms and symbolic meanings.
Some contain sigils of specific spirits or gods, other simply have invocatory texts or teaching symbols.

MASKS: Masks first led me into clay 30 years ago- I have been making masks in a number of ways
with many different styles since then. I am currently beginning a series of Dragon masks.

SHRINES: I have begun creating a series of small shrines dedicated to various gods,
spirits ancestors and so on, continuing along in the traditions that I have been melding and creating in my other work.

Denny Sargent


Denny Sargent
Ceramic Artist & Instructor

Over the past several years I have reentered the studio and created a unique new body of ceramic art that infuses ancient mythic themes & symbols
into unique personal artifacts of power


Best Student Work (group) 
State University of New York at Oneonta Gallery , NY   1977

Unearthed- (solo)       
State University of New York at Oneonta Gallery , NY 1978

Gods & Spirits (solo) 
Oneonta Arts Gallery, Oneonta, NY      1979

Masks of the Gods (solo)
Mari Gallery, Mamaroneck, NY   1979

Ceramic Art: Group Exhibitions   
Four Elements Gallery, Bellingham, WA  1980-81

Ongoing display/representation   
Four Elements Gallery, Bellingham, WA 1980-1984

Spirit Masks (solo)     
The Oxford Club, Seattle, WA      1986

MASKS (group show)        
Hartness-Schoos Gallery, Seattle, WA 1987

Earthspirit Temple (solo)     1988
Installation in one gallery

Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, WA   
Nu Earthspirit Temple (solo)    1989

Enhanced Installation
Mandala Gallery, Seattle, WA    1989

Odyssey Books & Gallery, Edmonds, WA  1990

Various ceramic work/study/informal exhibitions
Tokyo, Japan        1989-1993

Ongoing exhibitions and representation
Edge of the Circle, Seattle, WA    1995-present

Ongoing exhibitions and representation
Stargazers, Bellevue, WA   2001-present

North Seattle Community College Art Show 
    NSCC Gallery-  Summer    2005

Hang It Up! - Washington Potters Association Group Show
    Highline Community College   Jan-March 2007

Renew Your Spirit (group show)
    Shoreline/LFP Art Gallery – Dec. 2007-Jan. 2008


Ceramics Teacher/Studio Steward     1981-82
Northwest Free University, Fairhaven College, Bellingham, WA

Currently building Sargent Studios in Shoreline, WA

Have organized and taught many aspects of ceramic art, including high and low-fire, hand building, throwing all basic forms,
 kiln construction and use (gas-fire, electric, pit and raku) as well as many aspects of clay and glaze mixing and use.


BS, Education-  Minor, Ceramic Art, SUNY Oneonta, NY
MA, History/Cross-Cultural Studies-  Minor: Ceramic Art, WWU, Bellingham, WA